Hola, Señores!

Meat — like a lover: I do not need hundreds, the best is enough. The novel with me is similar to the union of passionate lovers, and not modest lovers. I smell of Spanish spices and tart Argentine Malbec. My life Asado is a cult of delicious meat. My heart is a hot grill. It stores the secrets of my ancestors: the Asadora cooks. I cater quickly, but leave an unforgettable aftertaste.
Your life is predictable. But not in my kitchen! Now let the fire speak ...

Bienvenido! (Welcome! )

If the Asteroid falls to the ground and we are left to live a week, we will spend it with music, sipping wine! Here is as in Buenos Aires, in the area of La Boca: all are in bright colors. The atmosphere is saturated with heat, spices, black cherries, hot glaze and pleasure. Every object of design is not just a colorful thing. This is the physical embodiment of energy, temperament, taste of Argentina. You are captured by comfort here.

The heat and passion reign here.


Bu'en prov'cho! (Bon Appetite!)

Tasting the dishes of the kitchen, you will understand that you just ate before this!

Tasting the dishes of the kitchen, you will understand that you just ate before this! An obsession with Argentinean cuisine is inside of us, that with a taste of chimichurri. We are asadores, we have a passion for steaks, born on a red-hot grill parilla. Before eating, we recommend you to disclose the taste buds with Malbec. Try “polenta”, “spicy roast beef salad with microgran”, feel tango of tastes. Remember: we are what we eat, and let our steaks speak for themselves.

The story of one asadora: the taste determines meat, not spices.

I make a strong and even heat, which gives the meat a special smoked taste. I take the steak, put it on the top shelf of the parilla. I wait for the meat to become warm. I send it to the fire. I turn one time — when the meat from below is browned to a crust, and at the top is warm. I use only forceps and never — a knife or fork so that the juice will not flow out. Remove from the fire. The meat “rests” for 10 minutes. I take a sip of Malbec. And again in the fire. At once I do not eat. Real pleasure does not hurry.




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